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We need a place to be able to get the charts you are using in the inner circle to look at the trade you are in or looking to get into. It would also help to have them before a 24 hour period so we could get in them because their 1 hour charts you are trading off of. Thank you for the help

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  • May 23 2017
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    July 4, 2017 21:33

    I've been complaining about this too because we don't have workspaces for the charts that are being used during class and especially when Chris Guzman, Tad DeVan, etc. do the Hot Picks, they use different charts from those being used in the class;  Some of them are 2 hours, so I am assuming that Tad uses his charts from the Elite Trading Room and I don't know what Chris uses, but when they do that, those workpaces need to be uploaded for us to access..  Either a new folder can be created below TT2.0 or they can be uploaded to "Expert Workspaces under the Workspaces Tab..  When Gary uses the TT2.0 workspaces that we are used to, there is no problem, but usually the charts used are charts that are not part of the TT2.0 workspaces.; for instance NZDJPY is not a chart that is used with TT2.0 and it has been used in the Inner Circle class.