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UCS Charting Multisession for Trading different Strategies with Matrix

Gary, I' find the Inner Circle Live Classes to be very helpful, beneficial and educative because it exposes us to the various strategies and how to combine them for high probability trade executions.

The only problem that I am having is that the UCS only allow for 2 sessions to be left signed on at the same time by a single user, otherwise the system signs you out of one of them if more than two sessions are left opened for a long period.

It would be helpful if MTI can increase the allowed opened sessions on UCS to 3, rather than 2 because we have so many strategies that we are following on the Inner Circle and it would be great to be able to execute these trades perfectly under our different Trading Accounts using the Matrix for Entries and Exits.

For example, at the moment, it is impossible for a single user to trade "Inner Circle", "Target", "Mastermind" & "Levelling" strategies on four different Accounts using the Matrix for Entries and Exits because the UCS will not allow you to stay signed-on, on more than 2 sessions for a long period of time and the Matrix need the UCS to be left on 

Please help us to see what can be done to help Traders in this regard.

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  • May 30 2017
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